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Badal mahal Darwaza, Boundry Wall Kila , Nizamuddin ki Gah, Jama Masjid, Chakla Bavdi, Bunkaron ke ghar jahan bunai hoti hai, purani kadalat hathsar, khooni darwaza, Parmeshwar Talaab, Nrisingh Mandir, Raja Rani Mahal, Hammam, Sadarbazar Pahadi Darwaza, Kuanr Sa ki haveli purani, Kachahri, Dilli Darwaza, Parmeshwar Talaab, Bundelrajaon ki chattri, Shahzadi ka roza,

Themes : Heritage Walk

Total Duration : 2 Hours

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Travel Dates 15/09/2018  15/09/2018

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Loc Chanderi

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Raja Rani Mahal


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  • Languages Offered:Hindi & English
  • Inclusions:Storytelling.
  • Exclusions:Refreshments. Entry Tickets.
  • Special Mentions:Mahal Rajaon, Pratihar Vanshi Rajaon, Bundel rajaon dwara banai gayi haveli, avam sarayon ka avlok

Frequently asked questions

  • What is City Walks Festival Madhya Pradesh?

    City Walks Festival Madhya Pradesh is organized by India With Locals™ and supported by Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board to involve locals in heritage awareness through cultural walks in their cities.

  • Can anyone attend a Walk Without Registering for it on India With Locals™ website?

    To take part in any walks in any of the cities, one must have registered himself / herself on India With Locals™ website and booked a ticket for the preferred walk.

  • Can anyone join on spot or can I bring another person with me?

    All walk participants must be pre-registered for the Walk they want to attend and No on spot participation will be entertained. Only those who have valid ticket will be allowed to attend the walk, if you wish to bring any extra person, kindly book ticket separate tickets for all those who wish to attend the walks.

  • Will the cost of Food & Entry Tickets be included in the Ticket Price?

    The registration for a walk and booked ticket only allows the participant to attend the Walk. All other costs such as Cost of food consumed on the Food Walks, Cost of Entry Tickets (If Any), etc. are to be paid by the participants directly.

  • Emergency Contacts –

    Please call on any of the below number in case of any emergency or queries. +91 72919 72715 / + 91 72919 72713 / +91 98996 92790

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