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Exploring Orchha - The heart of Bundelkhand

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Orchha means a "hidden place" a city that is filled with History, culture faith. friendship and love in every Street and corner. Where ever you Turn, there is monument ready to tell you story. Orchha is surrounded by forests, river and hills. it is a tiny town that can be covered by foot. Orchha was once the capital of Bundela Kings. Orchha was changed upon by the Bundela King Rudra Pratap (1501- 1531) while on hunt. He was enamored by this picturesque spot and decided to shift his capital to Orchha from gadkundar. the monuments here retain the historic touch to give to tourists an insight into its rich fast. if you are the lover of nature and history, you are sure to fall in love for orchha.

Themes : Heritage

Total Duration : 2 Hours

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Travel Dates 07/10/2018  07/10/2018

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Locations Covered

Jahangir Mahal,Raj Mahal,Ram Raja temple,Chaturbhuj Temple


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  • Languages Offered:Hindi & English
  • Inclusions:Storytelling.
  • Exclusions:Refreshments. Entry Tickets.
  • Special Mentions:Here are some of the attractions- Jahangir Mahal, Raj mahal, Ram Raja temple, Chaturbhuj Temple and

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