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Jainism and Khajuraho: Eastern Group of Temples

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The walk is designed to let people know about the architectural amalgamation of Hindu structures and Jain ideologies. The Eastern Group of Temples are strewn with beautiful Jain Temples which have their own stories ready to be revealed. It is an experience to listen to these stories amidst the confluence of Jain followers from all parts of the country and the festivities, once a year.

Themes : Heritage Walk

Total Duration : 1.5 Hours

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Travel Dates 22/09/2018  22/09/2018

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Loc Khajuraho

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Eastern Group of Temples


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  • Languages Offered:Hindi & English
  • Inclusions:Storytelling.
  • Exclusions:Entry Tickets, Camera Tickets & Refreshments.
  • Special Mentions:Explore the eastern group of temples.

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